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Recirculating ball bearing guide

Rollon's classic recirculating ball bearing guide is complemented by Accuride products. Various design options are ensured by the variety of materials and sizes

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Recirculating ball bearing guide HAA0115
Linear motion guide and reciculation ball carriage, suitable for high loads 

Aluminium profile

Load rating per runner up to 130kg

Various options: Soft-Close, end stops etc.

Recirculating ball bearing guide HAS0115RC
Stainless steel linear guide, ideal for use in the food industry 

Linear guide in steel design

Balls in stainless steel or plastic

Separate end stops available

Recirculating ball bearing guide HAA0116RC
Linear guide with recirculating ball bearing, suitable for heavy loads 

Aluminium profile with stainless steel or plastic balls

Heavy duty linear guidance up to 360kg

Optional products such as end stops, dampers etc.

ALUX Guide rail
Our aluminum rail guide (recirculating ball bearing guide) was developed as a complement to the many profile rail guides to meet the high demands of the linear movement and the lightweight low cost. Attractive due to their low weight and good protection against corrosion.  

Load capacities of up to 16'000N per runner

Same connection dimensions of analogue ball circulation Systems

Rust resistant and high load capacity thanks to stainless steel inlay

Miniature monorail systems MMR

Load capacities of up to 8'385N per runner

Double row recirculating ball bearing systems for high loads

Corrosion resistant and high system stiffness

Precision Monorail Systems MR

Load capacities of up to 249'000N per runner

Ground running grooves for equal load capacity

High running smoothness and low travel noise