Winkel-Bearings made of steel

The range of angle rolls extends from standard to precision and heavy duty rolls. Standard steel rollers for vertical and horizontal movements. The precision rollers are characterised by their low play between roller and profile. If you need a high resistance to dirt or have high travel speeds, the Heavy Duty rollers are the solution.

The roller units have low clearance between roller unit and profile and a high positional accuracy is achieved by infinitely variable adjustment of the axial and radial bearings.

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  • Precision rollers of various designs
  • Reduced play between roller and rail
  • Role can be used in standard profiles
  • Axial-radial roller combination
  • High precision
  • rollers adjustable from outside
  • Most different types
  • Eccentrics can be mounted on different can be adjusted in different ways
  • High temperature applications possible
  • Very high loads possible
  • Axial-radial roller in one component
  • Radial bearings can be relubricated from outside