Thread inserts to screw in

Self-tapping thread inserts can be used in a wide range of materials - in plastics as well as metals. A hole is drilled into the material and the thread insert is screwed in using hand tools or conventional machines with special attachments.
Due to the subsequent machining after the forming process and the easy installation, the screwing in is perfectly suitable for small quantities.

Suitable for thermoplastics as well as thermosets

High axial force absorption due to external thread

Screw locking effect with certain materials

Suitable for all plastics

Optimum fit in the material due to the three grooves

Outer flanks adapted to material for perfect grip

Suitable for thermoplastics, partly also thermosets

Mounting by hexagon socket

Shorter assembly times

Can be used for materials that are difficult to machine, such as thermosets

Cutting force is distributed over three cutting edges

Thicker wall