Linear axes with toothed belt drive

Our axis supplier Rollon offers a wide range of series for almost all applications. What they all have in common is that they are designed for high load capacities and are made of a self-supporting extruded aluminium profile. Let us convince you of the variety.

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Self-supporting extruded aluminium profile

Four sizes with steel-reinforced PU timing belt

Multiple rotors increase load capacity

Self-supporting extruded aluminium profile

Steel-reinforced PU timing belt

Three sizes in recirculating ball bearing or track roller guidance system

Fully protected linear axis

Four sizes made of extruded aluminium profile

Main series of Rollon linear axes

Specially developed for clean rooms

Clean room class ISO 3 (DIN EN ISO 14644-1)

Vacuum pump with negative pressure prevents emissions

High loads and masses

Unsupported installation options

Four sizes with steel-reinforced toothed belt

Designed for high load ratings and forces

Four sizes with four linear guides

Optimal for demanding applications

Vertical design for gantry construction

Fixed mounting possible for Z-mounting

Three sizes and rigid system

Especially for vertical axes

Gantry construction

Three sizes

Compact Rail roller guide inside

Longitudinal seals close off the system

Different runner configurations possible