Full extension

For telescopic slides with full extension, the stroke is approximately identical to the installation length. A three-part rail can be fully extended, since the middle profile serves as an additional lifting unit: Extension usually around 100%, but can also vary between 95% and 120% (<95% partial extension, >120% over-extension).

Milled rail, stroke on both sides etc.

Installation dimensions 17 x 60 mm

Max. hub: 1000mm; max. load capacity per pair: 1'400 N

Very slim design thanks to S-profile

Installation dimensions 12 x43 mm

Max. hub: 1010mm; max. load capacity per pair: 1'300 N

Very compact design, C-profile forms the basis

Installation dimensions 26 x 75 mm

Max. hub: 2000mm; max. load capacity per pair: 3'300 N

Cold drawn rail, cushioning available

Installation dimensions 26 x 45 mm

Max. hub: 1522mm; max. load capacity per pair: 3'080 N

Heavy duty rail with double-T intermediate element

Installation dimensions 74 x 240 mm

Max. hub: 2000 mm; max. load capacity per pair: 20'000N