Curve guide with roller runner


Curviline is the name of the curvilinear rail product family. They are used for all non-linear special movements. Rails with constant or variable radii may be specified according to customer requirements, resulting in a highly flexible, economical solution. Curviline is available in two rail widths. The use of standard radii is recommended. All non-standard rail layouts and radii are possible as custom products, however extra lead time may result.

Load up to 2'470 N per runner

Unique sheet guidance

Two rail widths

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Curve guide with roller bearing

Almost anything is possible with this guide, curves with constant or changing radii and straight sections. Thus, the most diverse requirements for the movement sequence can be fulfilled. In addition, there are many different types of design in the field of materials.

Performance characteristics

  • Available rail widths: CKR01/CVR01: 16.5 mm (0.65 in) and CKR05/CVR05: 23 mm (0.91 in)
  • Max. slider operating speed on the rail: 1.5 m/s (59 in/s) (depending on application)
  • Max. acceleration: 2 m/s² (78 in/s²) (depending on application)
  • Max. effective length of the rail: 3,240 mm (127.56 in)
  • Max. traverse: CCT08: 3,170 mm (124.8 in) and CCT11: 3,140 mm (123.62 in)
  • Minimum radius for both sizes: 120 mm (4.72 in).
    For non-standard radii, please contact Application Technology
  • Radius tolerance +/- 0.5 mm (0.02 in), angle tolerance +/- 1°
  • Temperature range: -30 °C to +80 °C (-22 °F to +176 °F)
  • Rail and runner electrolytic zinc-plated and passivated (Rollon Aloy); increased anticorrosive protection on request
  • Rail material: CF 45
  • Slider body material: Fe360
  • Roller material: 100Cr6
  • Roller pins lubricated for life


  • By a simple adjustment of the eccentric roller pins (markings on bottom of roller), the slider has no clearance or is set with preload on the rails
  • The recommended hole pitch is 80 mm (3.15 in) on the extended length
  • Please indicate the precise rail shape and the desired hole pattern in a drawing
  • Indicate if the design is a right or left version when ordering
  • Composite rails are not recommended. For more information please contact Application Technology
  • Resulting moment loads must be absorbed through the use of two sliders. For more information please contact Application Technology