Blind Rivets / Heavy Duty Rivets / heavy duty pins

Blind rivets and heavy-duty rivets, also called structural rivets, are used where two components have to be firmly connected, i. e. "riveted", and access is only possible from one side as "blind". Blind rivets consist of a hollow rivet body with a head on the front and a longer mandrel. The mandrel, which is provided with a predetermined breaking point, transforms the rivet sleeve during processing. The appearance of the staggered blind rivets varies depending on the type of rivet and processing.

Are you looking for a high-strength and inseparable connection? We have the right solution for you!

Shooting ring bolts and locking rings offer you the perfect solution. This two-part connection is absolutely vibration-proof and also exhibits high tensile, shear and pre-tensioning forces.

We are able to offer also special blind rivets, like earth-rivets, platicsrivets and heavy duty rivets. Pin and collars complete our range of heavy duty connections

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Here you will find the complete catalogue

  • Open/closed version, various sizes
  • Materials Special blind rivets with grooved mandrel, expanding blind rivets, press rivets
  • Multi-range blind rivets, expanding blind rivets, grounding rivets, press plate rivets, grooved blind rivets, etc.
  • Magnariv, Monriv, Lockriv heavy duty rivets
  • High clamping forces and shear forces

Quick and uncomplicated processing
High shear and tensile forces
Pneumatic devices available for processing