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Successful with the partners of HA-CO Motion AG

Together for success with HA-CO Motion AG and your partners - a team you can rely on! In addition to our own products we are official sales partner of the following quality brands:

Couplings and connecting shafts

HA-CO.eu GmbH
HA-CO.eu GmbH (formerly Hafner Maschinenbau GmbH) is a production company for couplings, connecting shafts, machine elements and individually manufactured special machines.

Telescopic rails, linear motion slides and axles

HA-CO Motion AG
Leading in drive and linear technology: linear guides, linear axes, heavy duty systems, couplings and lifting gears

Our partner in the field of roller and ball linear guides, telescopic rails, linear units and monorail systems / recirculating ball bearing guides.

Leading manufacturer of telescopic slides, galvanized, made of aluminium or stainless steel

Carbon products

HA-CO Carbon GmbH 
Leading in the field of carbon and fiberglass winding technology for large components, special shapes and series products.

Heavy duty guides and lifting systems

Our partner in the field of axle systems, lifting systems, combination rollers and profiles. Innovations in linear and handling technology.

Connection technology

HA-CO.at GmbH

HA-CO.at GmbH is a trading company as well as a production plant for technical solutions, especially for connection technology, couplings, connecting shafts, telescopic rails, linear guides and machine elements.

Drive technology and components

Worm gear screw jacks, screw jacks, worm gears, etc.: Unimec's wide range of products is universally applicable and absolutely reliable.

Miki Pulley
Miki Pulley - Products, Now available at HA-CO AG!

VMA-Antriebstechnik GmbH
VMA-Antriebstechnik - Specialist for measuring and drive technology with products such as rigid couplings, quick clamping elements and brakes.

Dynashock - Buffers and dampers from the french manufacturer, Now available at HA-CO AG!

Dreckshage rollers, Now available from HA-CO AG!