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Application example telescopic rail pipe welding machine

Piping systems are used in a wide range of important applications that cannot be imagined without them in everyday life. In addition to liquids, gases are also transported in these pipes, whether it be normal drinking water or corrosive chemicals. But have you ever wondered how these pipes are processed and why telescopic slides are used here as well?

GF Piping Systems in Schaffhausen specializes in the manufacture and processing of high-quality plastic pipes. Precise, maintenance-free machines are required for processing. Infrared fusion machines are used to weld different pipes together with a heat source. The telescopic slides have the task of bringing the heat source into the appropriate position for welding. After joining the pipes, it should be pushed away easily and quickly, so that space is made for the preparation of the next components. 

HA-CO Motion AG helped to develop the machines. With 40 years of experience in the field of linear technology, HA-CO Motion AG recommended Accuride's 5321 series telescopic slide, which is a full extension slide, can withstand temperatures of 70°C and has load capacities of up to 160 kg per pair. The latching mechanism in the closed position allows positioning while the heat source is required.

However, the space inside the machines was very limited and therefore no standard products could be used. We have a well-equipped workshop, which allows us to make adjustments at any time, so that our customers can be supplied quickly with a specific product. With this machine, the rails had to be mounted very close together, so that no standard screws could be used. For this reason, threaded inserts were added to the telescopic slides at a later stage, which made assembly easy. 


Dear customers and business partners

The Corona virus confronts us with a constantly evolving situation and, therefore, it is a particular challenge for all of us.

We are constantly monitoring the situation very closely for the benefit of our customers and employees. Everyone’s health is a top priority.

In these difficult times, we want to assure you that the HA-CO companies are always open and operational.

We are here for you !

Maintaining our normal business activities remains our main concern given the safety of our employees.

Many preventive measures have been introduced throughout the company so that we can maintain production and distribution.

We have suffficient stocks and production capacities and can therefore generally meet your needs as best as possible.

All activities will continue with the usual service. Please contact your usual contact, ask us or call us on +41 55 225 40 50 or by email info ha-co.ch !

We wish you and your family the best, particularly robust health, but also confidence and optimism.

Sincerely, your HA-CO team, Patrick Nauer

Profilbohranlage PBA 6000

Unser Maschinenpark wurde durch die Profilbohranlage PBA 6000 erweitert.
Mit der neuen Maschine können wir nun Profile bis 6m länge bearbeiten.
Durch die Kombination aus Bohrmaschine, Fräsmaschine und dem Druckluftgewindeschneider können wir für unsere Kunden flexibler und effizienter Teile fertigen.
Zudem bietet die neue Maschine höhere Präzision.